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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a Preventive Medicine visit (Annual Physical) as a new patient?

Yes. However, be aware that these visits focus primarily on preventive medicine. Although your physician may have time to discuss problems which you might be having, you will probably need to schedule additional appointments if there are other issues. Please check to make sure your insurance covers preventive medicine services.

Do I have to schedule a doctor visit even though I think I know what I have?

Yes. No treatment will be prescribed over the phone. Your physician must evaluate you to determine a proper diagnosis before rendering any form of treatment including medications

What if I need a referral? What information do I need to give to my insurance company if I have a referral?

Before you schedule an appointment or see a specialist outside of Homewood/Hammond Family Care, please contact your health insurance company. Many times a referral is needed in order for the patient to see a physician other than his/her primary care physician. Also, be sure that the specialist accepts your type of insurance, so you know your financial responsibility. Should you require a referral please contact our nurse.

How long are your appointments?

Appointment lengths vary based on the service being provided. Routine office visits are 15 minutes for established patients and 30 minutes for new patients. Pap smears, full physicals and procedures require longer appointment times.

May I request longer than routine appointment if I have multiple issues.


Do you charge for no shows?

Yes. If you wish to cancel your appointment, we ask you do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you cancel your appointment 24 hours or less in advance or you do not show up, you will be charged a $30.00 fee.

Can I schedule appointments for other people?


Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, but walk-ins take lower precedence than emergencies, scheduled appointments and work-ins. It is best to call in advance to get a work-in to be quickly.

Does your office bill insurance?

Yes. We will bill your primary and secondary insurance.

What if I do not know what my deductible is?

Patients are urged to know what their insurance deductible and/or copay is. We ask that all patients contact their insurance companies prior to their scheduled appointments. You may be asked for payment in full at the time of service. Not all insurance policies are the same; it is your responsibility to know what your insurance will and will not cover.

If my child is 18 or older, will I be able to discuss their Billing Information?

Yes and No. Parents can pay a bill at any time, but we cannot discuss billing codes and information about the office visit.

What should I do if I have changes to my insurance?

It is your responsibility to notify our office of any changes to your coverage. Please bring your current insurance card(s) and photo ID with you to all your appointments.

Will you bill my Employers’ Workers Compensation Claim?

No. Our office will not bill any Workers Comp Claims. You may still be seen as a patient for your care; however, you are responsible for the incurred charges at the time of your appointment or we can bill your Health Insurance Company. Our office will provide you with all necessary documentation to file your claim to seek reimbursement.

Will you bill my Motor Vehicle Accident Claim (MVA)?

Yes, Our office will bill any MVA claims.

Who can I contact with questions regarding my bill?

Our billing department is available to help you with any questions you may have. If you would like to speak with our billing specialist Lisa, please call [1 (219) 932 1220 IL ] [1 (708) 206 1220 IN ] during normal business hours.

Do you have your own lab?

We perform a minimal number of CLIA waived lab tests in our office. We also obtain blood, urine, and other samples which are then processed through accredited laboratories.

How long will it take for me to get my lab results?

Most blood and urine tests results will be available to your physician within 5 days. You should be notified 24-48 hours later. However, some tests such as pathology specimens may take 7-10 days to be received. If within 10 days you have not heard from us, please call about your results.

Do you provide obstetric care (OB)?

We will see pregnant patients for illnesses during their pregnancy in conjunction with their OB.

Do you accept children?

Yes. As family physicians, we see patients of all ages.

Why Homewood/Hammond Family Care?

We demonstrated knowledge in many different health areas, and specialize in the constantly changing medical field. This also means that we are held to high standards of medical excellence and keep up with the latest advances in healthcare.

What is a Family Physician?

A Family Physician is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family and is trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments in patients of all ages. The Family Physician receives a broad range of training that includes Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry and Geriatrics. Special emphasis is placed on prevention on the primary care of the entire families utilizing consultations and community resources when appropriate.

Most rewarding medical experiences?

Successfully treating patients for many years.

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